Scientific Integrity Whistleblower Project
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The Scientific Integrity Whistleblower Project

We're calling on government scientists
to speak out for science

Scientific integrity, or protecting science from bias or censorship, is crucial to our government's scientific research and achievement. U.S. Government scientists should be able to follow the facts where they lead -- without political interference -- and share their findings with other scientists and the public-at-large without hesitation. 

Unfortunately, President Donald J. Trump and those in his administration like EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry have chosen to completely disregard the facts and engage in an all-out War on Science.

314 Action, a nationwide pro-science non-profit with nearly a quarter of a million members wants to shine a light on Scientific wrongdoing within the Trump Administration. We're calling on U.S. Government scientists to blow the whistle on malfeasance, science being silenced, or other evidence of this administration's war on science through the Scientific Integrity Whistleblower Project (, a secure and anonymous method for U.S. Government scientists and others to speak out and fight back. Use one of our secure and anonymous methods below to send us a tip or provide information that will be held confidentially by our team of attorneys at the law firm Garvey Schubert Barer.

How to Securely Relay Information to an Attorney:

No method of communication is 100% secure, but these tools will help to make your tips as secure as possible. Once our attorneys receive your information, we have instructed them to keep strict confidentiality to protect your identity. We suggest you use your personal computer or phone to contact us -- don't use a device that belongs to your employer, and don't use your employer's WiFi network.

Our lawyers have asked us to let you know that the law generally provides whistleblower protections for government scientists who challenge censorship or make disclosures related to the integrity of the scientific process.  In particular, the law protects disclosures of information that an employee reasonably believes are evidence of censorship related to research, analysis, or technical information that cause, or will cause, gross government waste or mismanagement, an abuse of authority, a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, or any violation of law.  You should consult your agency’s website for additional information about whistleblower protections at the EPANASA and NSF, and how they relate to non-disclosure agreements signed by agency employees.  Please do not submit any information if doing so would violate any law, rule or regulation.


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You can also contact us by email. DO NOT use your work email address. We recommend that you create a new ProtonMail email address just for contacting us. For more anonymity, create your account using Tor Browser []. If you send email to us from a ProtonMail account, your email will be encrypted.

Email address:


You can call our tip hotline during designated hours to speak directly to an attorney who will take your information. Our attorneys will keep any identifying information strictly confidential, however we recommend taking necessary precautions to ensure your call not be tracked.

Phone Number: +1-202-298-2176

Hotline Hours:
Future hours, including some outside of regular business hours, will be announced soon.

Postal Mail

If you wish to send us documents, and don't need to engage in a conversation, old fashioned postal mail can be among the most secure methods for communication.

USPS monitors the packaging of everything sent through the postal system, including the location it's shipped from and a sample of your handwriting. To maintain the most anonymity, make sure you include enough postage and drop your package in a public mailbox instead of at a post office, and don't include a return address.

Mailing Address:
Scientific Integrity Whistleblower Project
c/o Garvey Schubert Barer
1000 Potomac St NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20007-3501


Silent No More

This initiative gives scientists and others with evidence of censorship the means to relay information to our team of pro bono attorneys without revealing their identities.


If You See It,
Send It

Use the encrypted, secure services we've provided to relay instances of science being undermined. 


Putting a Spotlight On Science Denial

By contacting our team of pro-bono attorneys, you will take the first step toward blowing the whistle and putting science deniers on defense.  

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Additional Resources for Government Scientists

Legal support for scientists and government workers for issues arising from their work:  

Legal support for other issues:

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